Scanurse will no longer continue with the XPrize Competition

Press Release 5th June 2015

Well, it was a fun ride. It has been a great two years working with the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE competition. It’s an amazing competition that has brought together an amazing group of people. For us, the last two years allowed us to build a great team and develop a Tricorder concept and prototype that moved us into that select group of Top 10 Finalists. Not a bad little feat. 

But everything has its little hiccup.

For us, that hiccup was our delivery company DHL and US Customs. As a UK-based company, we shipped our prototype in time for our deadline, but our package was subsequently held up for over two weeks while various parties in DHL provided us with amusingly contradictory advice about when our package would be cleared. We knew we had a small window and held out for a sliver of good luck to come our way, but in the end it just didn’t happen.

As of today, Scanurse is no longer part of the XPRIZE competition. Of course we are disappointed, especially since this was caused by circumstances beyond our control. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t still in the global game of helping to change healthcare for the better. Scanurse will continue to push forward with what we’ve learned and built, with some modifications based on better flexibility outside the competition framework. We wish all of our XPRIZE competitors the best as they move towards delivering a final product and plan on seeing everyone in January 2016 just to show support.


The Scanurse Team

In the meantime, if you have questions, please contact us at the following:

UK: Anil Vaidya,

US: Sam Frentzel-Beyme,